How to scan a document in a scanner PIXMA MG2220 (Mac)

Canon PIXMA MG2220 Inkjet Printer Scan Document for Mac OS

Canon PIXMA MG2220

The solution should be done
You can forward your data to scan to computer/PC using panel operation on your machine. The machine can detect the type of the original loaded on a glass platen automatically and this image will be forwarded to the computer/PC or laptop that is optimized for size and resolution that you want.


  1. You can forward your data that is scanned into the computer only when the machine is connected to the computer via the USB cable.
  2. Load the original document corresponds to their type and if not, some of the original may not scan properly.

For details on how to load the original platen glass

Loading originals: these items can be scanned (photographs, money, cards, photo magazine, image/document papers, documents, CD/BD/DVD).

The following items if not scanned properly. For A4-sized photos. Documents of a smaller size than 5 inches x 7 inches (127 x 178 mm) as a novel with a backbone part cut.

Originally on the thin white paper.

The original is long and narrow like-sized panoramic photo.

Before forwarding the data you scan to computer, confirm the following

  1. ScanGear (scanner driver) is installed on the computer. If the ScanGear (scanner driver) is not yet installed, insert the Setup CD-ROM into your computer’s disk drive, and then install the ScanGear (scanner driver).
  2. The machine/Printer connected to your computer properly and correctly.
  3. Make sure that your machine is connected to the computer correctly.
  4. Do not plug in or unplug the USB cable on the machine is operating, or when the computer is in standby or sleep mode.

Then to the next step, the destination and file name specified in the Canon IJ Scan Utility. You can specify the destination and the file names in the Canon IJ Scan Utility. For details about the settings of the Canon IJ Scan Utility:

while it is in the process of scanning by using the operation panel of the machine, any document type is automatically detected and the settings in the document with the size and the resolution are automatically set on the operating system you are using.

And you make sure that the machine is switched on. Load an original on the glass platen.

Loading original.

Press the SCAN to button on the machine.

Pictures and begin scanning Your computer is forwarded to the appropriate settings that you specify in the Canon IJ Scan Utility.

Delete the originals on the platen glass after the scan is complete.


The position or size of the picture can not be scanned properly depending on the original image. In this case, refer to the instructions for changing the settings in the source and choose a size for the paper: Canon IJ Scan Utility to match the original picture and scan using Canon IJ printer canon Scan Utility.

If you want to scan the original image with the advanced settings, or if you want to edit the picture or print images from the scan.

If you scan the original image using My computer from a garden, I picture the Park allows you to do the scan and edit images, such as optimizing or trimming.

In addition, you can also edit or print a drawing that has been And as can by using a compatible application software to make better use of them.

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