How To Reset Canon PIXMA MG6120 Printer

How to Reset Printer Canon PIXMA MG6120, you should be able to resume printing after performing a reset on your Canon PIXMA MG6120 printer.

Having some trouble with your Canon PIXMA printer? The best solutions can be to reset it devices. In this post, we guide for you learn how to reset a Canon printer. Methods include hard reset, factory reset, and reset the ink cartridge.

Some of the greatest printers on the market right now are Canon printers, notably the PIXMA series inkjet line, which are renowned for their quality.

However, there may be times when your Canon printer is not working optimally for whatever reason.

You should consider performing a Canon printer reset at such instances. This can fix technical problems like sluggish printing, producing blank pages, or unresponsive printers.

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How to Reset Canon PIXMA MG6120 Printer

How Can I Hard Reset my Canon PIXMA MG6120 Printer?

A hard reset will bring your printer back to its default factory setting. And this easy and simple;

Step 1;
Please; press the [Stop] button in devices.

Step 2;
You can wait until you hear your printer devices alarm ring.

Step 3;
Next; press the [Start] button at least 19 times.

Step 4;
Your printer is reset to its [out of the box] factory settings.

Step 5;
You can removing by uninstalling in your printer’s drivers from your computer.

Step 6;
Please; Reinstall the latest version of the drivers on your computer.

Reset Printer with power button

How to Reset Canon PIXMA MG6120 Printer Using Power Reset?

By performing a power reset, you are essentially clearing the printer’s internal memory and restoring it to its default setting in printer devices.

This can help resolve various issues and errors that may have occurred in your Canon printer.

Where is a Canon printer reset button? The majority of Canon printers can be reset using the electricity even if they lack a reset button.

This solution may be the most straightforward fix, and it’s always a good idea to try it first.

You won’t need any driver or software for this super quick step. While this guide won’t necessarily restore your printer to its factory settings, it could provide the solution to your issue.

Steps 1;
Please; Turn off your printer devices.

Step 2;
Next; Remove its power cable from the power source, ensuring that your printer is complet disconnecting.

Step 3;
Now; Wait 30 seconds.

Step 4;
Plug the power cable back into the power source and you can connected the cable to the Canon printer again.

Step 5;
Turn the printer back on.

Step 6;
This quick-fix may well have resolved your issue.

How to Reset Canon PIXMA series Printer Using Setup Option – Factory Reset

Reset Canon PIXMA series Printer Using Setup Option (Factory Reset), This method will restore your printer device to its original factory setting.

Factory resetting your Canon printer makes the printer like it was when it first came out of developer.

Follow Steps:

Step 1;
Please; Press the [Setup] options.

Step 2;
You can use the arrow buttons, go to and select [Device Settings],

Step 3;
Then; Press [OK].

Step 4;
Next; Scroll to [Reset Setting] with the arrow button in the devices.

Step 5;
Press [OK].

Step 6;
Select the [Reset All] options.

Step 7;
Press [OK].

Step 8;
Press [Yes].

Step 9;
Press [OK] again.

Your Canon printer will now be reset to its factory settings.

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