How To Print from iPhone To Canon Printer

There are various application for acces your Canon printer model from iPhone devices. Some of the Canon print have built-in applications such as AirPrint or Google Drive Print. The Canon Mobile Printing app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or iTunes.

Now you can control Canon printer with your iPhone devices in easy. Pairing your iPhone with a smart Canon printer is one such combination that will make your life simpler and more accessible.

How To Print from iPhone To Canon Printer

Canon printer is the wireless connections you can form between an iPhone or Canon printer is hassle-free and takes little to no times.

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We here guide on how to print from iPhone to canon printer.

[Step by step]

How to iPhone Printing to My Canon Printer?

1. Please: Connecting a wireless networking to your Canon printer devices.

2. Now: configure your iPhone on the same networking.

3. Open and do download the “Canon Mobile Printing” application in the your App Store.

4. Next: Open the document you want to print with the appropriate implementation, and pick the Print options for the files document preview.

5. Select the Printer in the “Canon Mobile Printing App Preview” chapter.

6. Choose the name printer in screen display and then tap “Print”. The Apple AirPrint function can also be using.

7. Download the App Store request. Open the printed document and pick the Share icon.

8. Tap Print and pick the name of the printer. Again, tap Print.

9. Job finished.

How to I Get My iPhone To Recognize My Printer?

If you are look for a way out from download or install in printer drivers and software, then you are in for a treat with iPhone AirPrint feature.

Apple add the unique AirPrint options feature to mac operating system and iPhone devices, make it possible for all user to print their files documents without relying on printer drivers and printer software.

Procedure to connecting your Canon printer with iPhone AirPrint feature:

[Step by step]

1. Make sure that both the printer and your iPhone devices are connect to the same WiFi networking.

2. Please: Open up the file/document/photo on your iPhone devices that you want to print.

3. Please: Tap on the “share” icon, which will appear in the shape of a box with an arrow pointing outward from it.

4. Now: select the “Print” option located in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen display.

5. Click on the “Printer Select” options to find out the Airprint enabled printer nearby.


6. Select the Canon printer devices. Specify the number of copy your want to print files document.

7. You want to print a colours copy or black & white, please: click on the “options” button to make change to the printer settings.

8. Now: That your iPhone has recognized your printer click on the print button.


If you are printing a image photo use Apple photo app in devices, then the paper’s default size will be 4 × 6 or KG. If you are printing a document using “Apple Safari App“, then the default size will be letter sizes.

How to Deleted My Print Job?

Follow in step below, you can do it deleting a print job for Apple AirPrint feature options:

Step I
Please: “Double click” the home button on your Apple devices.

Step II
And – Click on the print icon/print centers to see a list of actived printing task.

Step III
Now: Select the document/files you want to stop from printing and click on “cancel printing.”

Printer Does Not Print Canon PIXMA G1020

You can connecting your Canon printer to a wireless networking or to the canon printer models from iphone’s devices.

The WPS technique can be use to perform’s in this process. Make sure you have a WPS button on your router , and power up your Canon press and keep the Wi-Fi button on the control panels until it flashes the alarm light.

This instruction for send printing jobs from iPhone to Canon printer.

  1. Once the lamp beginning flash blue with the Wi-Fi button, then click the WPS button on the router in printer. When the printer searching the access network, the blue light blinks. If you see the lamp Power and Wi-Fi, the printer will be connected to your network in fast.
  2. Please: load enough papers file into the input tray to check the network link and print the network data pages. Ensure that the link status is active and that the SSID is right. You now have the printer link to your network.
  3. Now: connect your iPhone devices to the same network that is attached to the printer, and Canon Mobile Printing App Download.
  4. This application may be using include: printing iPhone and iPad image, photo, files documents, PDF files, etc. Choose a picture to print. Tap the option “Canon Mobile Printing” and pick the “Options Printer“. Tap the Auto Search option and select the name of the printer from the devices listed and Choose Add.
  5. Now select tap the “Mobile Printing app” and choose the “Photo Albums” choices.
  6. Select an album and select a picture you want to print. Then tap “Select” and press the “Options Confirm Selection” in the Enlarged preview.
  7. Tap Preview and pick the name of the printer. Touch the option Print. Waiting for a printer to print a pictures.


Please: open the files working document you want to print via AirPrint with an appropriate implementation.

Tap “Print” and select “Share” icon, and select the name of the printer model.

Select the number of copy and change the print media for the print job. Tap the Print option on the top right corner to begin printing from iPhone to Canon and finish printing from iPhone to Canon printer.

What To Do If iPhone Devices Is Not Responding/connect to Wireless Printer?

Although iPhone easy connects to wireless printer models, this straightforward connections guide sometimes gets challeng to manage when it fails to work out.

If your iPhone is not respond to communicate with a wireless printer, then you can solve this problem with the follow guide in below:

  • Restart/reboot your iPhone, Printer, and Router devices.

When iPhone devices have connections problem, restart the devices.

Restart your iPhone with these step work:

Method I
Press and hold the power button till the slide to power off option display.

Method II
Swipe the slider right, and your phones will shutdown. After a few seconds, press the power button, and your device will turn on.

Reboot/restart your Canon printer devices and router is more straightforward as you have to unplug them and plug them back in.

How to update My Printer and iPhone?

If your iPhone and printer devices model are running through an outdated software version, then it might be causing problems or hindrances for your iPhone devices to connect with a printer machines.

Steps to update your iPhone devices:

1. Open iPhone main menu and then click on the settings folder.

2. Now: Selected the General field from the settings in window.

3. Click on “Software Update” to install new updates in the iPhone devices.

4. If any updates are available, then click on the “download and install” button.

Please check whether your printer needs to be updating or not, check on the printer model developer website and install its new updates.

If you detected a more complicated softwares version problem or hardware issue causing connections issue, you should contact the Apple support team and discuss the matter with them.

You can set up an online chat or phone call appointment through Apple support web. Get In Touch With Apple Support Team.

iPhone devices innovative features have made print a fun activity rather than a burden.


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