How to Install & Reinstall MP Navigator EX on Printer

Install & Reinstall MP Navigator EX on Printer

MP Navigator EX on Printer


  1. If you do not need MP Navigator EX software much longer, or if they can not be installed correctly, uninstall them.
  2. When you uninstall the software, you are required to log in as Users or Administrator and have Administrator rights.
  3. To uninstall from software on Macintosh OS X, you must first log in as an administrator.

Microsoft Windows

  1. Close all open software applications for all processes to work properly, including MP Navigator EX or virus checker.
  2. To close MP Navigator EX, please click on the sign (x) on the top right of the screen or (Close) on the bottom right. When there is a confirmation message displayed, Then click (OK).
  3. Click on ‘Start’ on the taskbar and navigate to a Program (All), an option for Canon Utilities, and MP Navigator EX folder is available, then you click ‘MP Navigator EX Uninstall‘.

*** if you see a dialog box for confirmation, click ‘OK‘ to be able to remove the component.

*** Then click ‘Finish‘.

After the software has been successfully deleted, please reinstall MP Navigator EX.

If you have the CD ROM Settings, do so and select Install Specifically to be able to install only MP Navigator EX software. Or, download the software from the official CANON website.

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