How to Install Print Head in Canon PIXMA MX920

In this article we’ll show you how to remove and reset the print head in your Canon PIXMA MX920 printer. The printhead in Canon PIXMA MX920 will need to be removed or replaced to clear print errors or correct print quality issues.

After your printer has been use for a number of work in offices, it’s common for users to begin running into quality issues. This can include streaking, fading, and even missing text on your printing, and it can often be the result of a dirty printhead.

What is a printhead?

The printhead is a component in a printer that houses ink cartridge. It’s typically located under the cover of your Canon devices printer, and it can become clogged with ink over time

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Print Head in Canon PIXMA MX920

One item that’s standard across the board for inkjet printers is something called a print head. The Canon PIXMA MX920 print heads of both small and large format inkjet printers are designed to deposit ink on a wide variety of different kinds of material.

The print heads used in modern Canon PIXMA model printers include chambers that are fed ink as well as very small nozzles that spray out ink. Prints were formerly created using printing presses that had rollers that made direct contact with the medium before the invention of print heads.

Inkjet print heads spray ink onto paper or other media in a controlled manner to produce the desired image.

Please follow these steps to properly remove the printhead.

Step 1; Power your printer on and open the paper output tray


Canon PIXMA MX920 Power



Step 2
: Next; open the document cover



Open the cover printer

Step 3; Open the ink cover and wait for the printhead to ad just and come to a complete stop



Open the ink cover

Step 4; Remove the ink tanks and set them off to the side for now





Step 5; Once the ink tanks have been removed press and hold the stop button on the printer while the lid is still open until the screen indicates that the printhead has moved to the replacement position


Canon stop button

Step 6
; Please; Open the inner cover and press it down

Open the inner cover

Step 7; The cartridge which has the sticker indicating which color ink tank goes where needs to be pulled towards you until it clicks forward into place


Color ink cartridge


Step 8; The printhead is the plastic piece sitting in the back of the cartridge has circular sponges you should avoid touching as to not get ink on your fingers


Cartridge plastick


Step 9; Use your finger tips to grab the top of the center divider and pull the printhead toward you


Canon grab the top


Step 10; Once the printhead is out of the machine becareful not to touch the sponges or sensors doing so could make a mess or ruin the delicate printhead




Step 11; Reset the printhead by holding it the same way you removed it using your fingertips on the center divider



Step 12; The green sensor should be facing the ceiling carefully line the printhead up with the inside of the cartridge and slide it back


Canon the green light cencors


Step 13; Once the printhead is as far back as it will go let go and it will fall into place


Canon the green light cencors

Step 14; Push the cartridge tray back until you hear a click


Push the back Canon cartridge

Step 15; Close the inner cover


Close Canon ink cover


Step 16; Receipt the inks


Receipt the inks


Step 17; Close the ink cover


Close the canon pixma cover


Step 18; Next; Close the paper output tray



Close the papper output tray canon pixma mx922


Step 19; Then close the lid


Close Canon pixma mx922 the lid


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