How To Ignore Canon Error Message Check Ink 1686/1688

Canon Error Message Check Ink 1686 and Check Ink 1688

Fixing error codes on a Canon printer might be difficult at times. That is not to imply that you are completely out of luck in terms of getting your printer back up and running on your own.

As long as your printer is filled with the right paper, has ink, and you’ve hooked everything up correctly, it should be operating correctly. If not, the issue could be pretty technical.

You have the option of attempting to address the problem on your own at home first, before resorting to sending the printer back to the manufacturer for a replacement or taking it to a repair agency.

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Ignore Canon Error Message Check Ink 1686 and check ink 1688

Fixing a Canon printer with error codes check ink 1686 and check ink 1688 can be relatively simple once you know how to diagnose the problems.

We’ll help walk you through steps that you can take to fix the error codes of your Canon printer.

Procedure; How To Ignore Canon Error Message Check Ink 1686/1688

When you installing a new remanufactured ink cartridge and your printer getting the error message [Check ink 1686] and [Check ink 1688], your Canon printer devices will stop printing.

It is a low ink warning for the printer series use the ink cartridges PG-240, PG-240XL, CL-241 and CL-241XL.

You can just need to press and hold the STOPRESETRESUME button for 5 seconds to cleaning this message and you can continue to print.

Canon stop button

Not only are Canon printers meant to be extremely functional and generate photos of high quality, but they are also intended to be simple to set up and manage once they have been installed.

But there can be times when your computer or the printer just may not be getting along and working seamlessly.

How To Ignore Canon Error Message Check Ink 1686/1688

Why my Canon printer getting this error message?

The reason for this is that remanufactured ink cartridges use the same chip as the original cartridge. When the original cartridge was installed and used in the printer, the printer would record the ink level on the chip memory that it was using. This does not happen with the remanufactured ink cartridges.

When the manufacturer recycle this cartridge, they will refill it as full level ink but they can’t reset the chip memory.

When you installed the remanufactured ink cartridge to the printer and the printer recognize it, the printer will read the link level from the cartridge chip memory, then the error message will prompt up on your printer screen.

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