How to Fix Canon Printer Error E05 in Windows PC?

Error E05 on a Canon printer often occurs when the ink cartridge is contaminated, incorrectly installed, or incompatible with the printer devices. How to Fix Canon Printer Error E05 in Windows PC?

Whenever a printer is not used for a longer length of times, dried ink develops internally and causes dirtiness.

In this article, you will learn how to fix “E05” canon printer error code. If you follow these simple instructions, you can solve the Canon printer devices Error E05 on Windows PC operating system.

Why am I receiving an E05 error message on my Canon printer?

The ink cartridge that is currently installed in the Canon printer may have compatibility issues, which is the primary cause of the E05 error that is shown on the Canon printer.

When you print using a Canon printer, the ink needed to print papers, banners, and other items comes from an ink cartridge. This cartridge has a tiny aperture through which the ink travels.

Therefore, if you don’t use the printer for a long time, ink may dry out and block the cartridge opening. Another reason for this Error E05 is a malfunction in a cartridge holder or when replacing the cartridge. This error is common and can be easily fixed.

Because of this, if you don’t use the printer for a lengthy period of time, the ink may get dry and clog the entrance to the cartridge. A fault in the cartridge holder or the process of changing the cartridge is another potential cause of this Error E05. This is a frequent mistake that may be corrected very simply.

Follow the procedure to solve the Canon Printer Error E05 problems on a Windows computer!

Method 1; Turn off the Canon printer.

Canon PIXMA turn off button

In the event that you are experiencing this Canon printer problem E05, the most typical way to resolve this issue is to power down the Canon printer. You could see error E05 if your printer devices is overheating on occasion.

  • To restart the Canon printer, press and hold the Stop button for between 5 and 6 seconds.
  • Now, You can start your Canon printer and is ready to using.

If the error still remains then move on to the next method.

Method 2; Reset the Factory Settings on Your Canon Printer Devices.

Canon Install Printer

To fix problem number E05, you may try resetting the factory settings on your Canon printer. The factory settings on your Canon printer will delete all of the settings and specs, but they will be returned to their original configuration if you use this feature.

Restarting the device to its factory settings is the most efficient and painless technique to get rid of any issues and error messages:


  1. For the factory reset option, start your printer devices.
  2. Next; Please – open the menu bar options.
  3. Use the directional arrow to navigate the “Setup” menu.
  4. Move to “Device” settings and you can click “OK”.
  5. Now; select the re-setting option & hit “OK” to start the factory reset.

After you have finished with this procedure, check to see whether the Canon printer error code E05 is there or not. If it still there, then move on to the next procedure.

Canon catridge positions

Method 3; Check position the Cartridge.

The error code E05 in Canon printer could be caused by the cartridge not being positioned properly. It happens that we remove the cartridge and then try to push it back into the incorrect position, which might cause harm to the cartridge.

So you can remove the cartridge and then reinstall it. Make sure the condition of the ink cartridge fits and is accurate.

Clean Blockage the Canon Ink Cartridges

Method 4; Reinstalling and Clean the Blockage the Ink Cartridges.

This error code E05 on a Canon printer might be caused by dust particles or dry ink at times. You will need to reinsert the cartridge and clear any blockage that may have formed in it.

Follow the step;

  1. You have to take out the cover of the Canon printer devices.
  2. You can “Switch off” the printer use the power button.
  3. You will see an ink cartridges installing.
  4. Next; Press 2 time on the lock which is locations side of the cartridge holder, After you can that take out the ink cartridges.
  5. Clear the ink cartridge, use a soft clean piece of cloth, carefully wipe the [golden metallic strip] which is location on the front part of the cartridge.
  6. Now reinstall the ink Cartridge in your printer.
  7. Now; Restart the Canon printer devices.

Any instructions may be read by the Canon printer thanks to the cartridge. Therefore, you need to ensure that the ink cartridge is well cleaned. If the issue continues to occur, you should go to the following option, which offers the possibility of assisting you in resolving the Canon error code E05.

Canon Catridges

Method 5; Wrong and Damage ink cartridges install in Canon printer.

Damage to the ink cartridge or installing the incorrect ink cartridge may also lead to the E05 Canon Printer Error. If this occurs, you will need to acquire the appropriate ink cartridge and install it according to the instructions printed on the side of the cartridge packing.

How do I Fix Problem with my Canon Printer Devices?

In troubleshooting issues on your Canon printer has been a simple reset in your printer. You can “Press and hold” the Power button for 10 second to accomplish this. Based on the printer model, this button may be labeled Stop – Reset – or Resume.

What does E05 mean in my Canon printer?

The canon printer error E05 code means that cartridge is corrupted or the contacts are dirty. When the error E05 appears first try to clearing the contacts on the cartridge and check if it working. But if still the error appears, you can replace the new cartridges.

We to provide you with all of the answers to your questions about the Error core E05. If you carefully go through each step of the instructions provided to fix the E05 Canon Printer Error, you should be able to use the Canon printer without any more difficulty.

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