How to Fix Canon PIXMA TR8620 Troubleshooting

We guide how to fix your Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a troubleshooting printer issues in short. Follow the below mentioned step work to fix Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a printer issues.

This article includes Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a Troubleshooting solutions for both Microsoft Windows and Mac operating system.

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Canon Printer Troubleshooting

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

Few things lead to frustration quicker than when you need to print something in a pinch in the offices.

The Canon printer won’t cooperate and won’t tell you why! While stripes in images or files document are a problem, dealing with a printer won’t even acknowledge the existence of a printer.

Specific troubleshooting solutions will vary depending on your Canon printer model, but once you understand some common issues, you can quickly search and find fixes specific to your Canon printer devices.

Canon PIXMA TR8620 Inkjet Printer Driver

How to Fix Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a Connection Error?

Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a printer Off-line error;

The Printer Offline issues are reflect in printing work. If the Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a stop printing file your document, Follow the Steps to resolve the issues.

Step 1; If the printer is not on-line.

Step 2;
Please Turn OFF Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a printer.

Step 3;
Turn on the printer devices.

Step 4;
Unplug and Re-plug the Ethernet cable into your Internet port.

How do I Reinstall Drivers in the Device Manager Menu?

When your Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a printer devices doesn’t work properly, one of the first things we should do is to reinstall driver in Device Manager options in your computer.

Step 1; 
On your computer keyboard, please press the [Windows] key and [X] at the same time, then select Device Manager.

Step 2;
Next; you can “Click View” on the menu bar, then select “Show hidden devices”.

Show Hidden Devices

Step 3;
Double-click to expand the category Print queues. Then right-click your Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a printer and you can choose Uninstall device in screen.

Uninstall devices in Windows

Step 4;
Next; Click Uninstall to confirmed.

Step 5;
If you see other Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a related drivers here, please repeat the above to uninstall them.

Why my Canon PIXMA TR8620 Unresponsive USB Connection?


  • Make sure that your Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a devices printer is plugged into the power supply and turned ON.
  • Next; Remove the Canon TR8620/TR8620a USB cable from the PC or your computer.
  • Go to [Control Panel] settings in the screen.
  • Please; Choose the option [Devices and printers].
  • Next; Remove the Canon PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a printer from the list.
  • Now; Restart your PC/computer and connect the PIXMA TR8620/TR8620a USB cable to the computer.

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