How to Fix Canon PIXMA G2010 P07 [Light Blinking]

When the Canon PIXMA G2010 printer has been used to print a significant number of pages, its customers often experience the error P07, in addition to the power and error light blinking (blinking). This prevents them from printing any new file documents. In this procedure, we will describe a quick and easy solution of how to fix Canon PIXMA G2010 error P07 Light Blinking Error.

This error is usually characterized by its users as a hardware related issue which requires the assistance of a service engineer, but this error can be easily fixed at home if you follow the right steps.

This problem is often defined by its users as a hardware-related issue that needs the aid of a service expert; nevertheless, this mistake may be simply solved at home if you follow the appropriate step. All you need to do is make sure you are following the correct step.

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What causes the Canon G2010 to display the error message P07?

Most user encounter error P07 on Canon G2010 printer devices after they have printer a lot of page with their printer. This error is directly related to the flow of ink on their printer.

After printing numerous page with the printer devices, most people experience error P07 here on Canon PIXMA G2010 series. This problem may be directly attributed to the way the ink flows through their printer. The Canon PIXMA G2010 printer includes integrated ink tanks, greatly increasing the amount of available ink.

The Canon PIXMA G2010 printer from Canon has integrated ink tanks, which makes the flow of ink highly abundant. Therefore, after printing a high volume of pages the ink in this printer starts to overflow, but the printer is unable to rectify this problem by itself, thus, it shows the error P07 and stop print document.

How to Fix Canon PIXMA G2010 Error P07 – Light Blinking?

Now that you’re aware of the root cause of error P07 on your Canon printer devices, it is time to explain the precise measures you must take to resolve this issue. Before you start putting the answer into action, you need to first thoroughly examine all of the steps.

This is because you must repeat the same actions with slight variations. If you are careless, you might commit some errors and ultimately be unable to resolve this error on your Canon printer.

Canon PIXMA GP07 Light Blinking

How do I see the P07 error code on the Canon PIXMA G2010 device?

When you see P07 error code on your Canon printer devices, then you should know that it’s due to ink overflow issues.

However, there is nothing to worry because your printer already has a system which you can use to clean the excess ink.

Because your printer is unable to run that system on its own, you will need to run that system manually. Once you have done so in the correct manner, you will be able to fix the Canon PIXMA G2010 issue P07 and continue using your printer normally.

The procedure of cleaning is simple to carry out, and anybody may do it in the comfort of their own house. In the following paragraphs, we will detail the whole procedure.

Step 1;

Turn theyour printer off and Press the [Power] button on the printer control panel to turn off the printer. Then follow the following procedure. If your printer is already turned off then you can skip this method.

Canon Turn Off P07

Step 2;

Press and hold the [Power] button for 5 sec, then press the [Stop] button five times while you are holding the [Power] button.


Step 3;

The [Green] power led will starting blinking, please wait for it to stop blinking before you move to the next method.

PIXMA G2010 stop blingking light

Step 4;

Your printer has entered repair mode when the green power led stops flashing. This indicates that the mode has been successfully entered.

Now, all the commands you will give to your Canon printer by pressing its control panel buttons will activate the automatic repair mechanism of your Canon printer devices.

The next steps given below needs to be carried our carefull and exactly as they have been described because you are working directly with the internal repair mechanism on your Canon printer.

Step 5;

Please; press the [Stop] button four times and after that press the [Power] button once again.

Press the [Stop] button

Step 6;

Next; press the [Stop] button three times and after that press the [Power] button once again.

Canon button press

Step 7;

You can again, press the [Stop] button five times and after that press the [Power] button once.

Canon PIXMA G2010

Step 8;

Next; [Green] and [Red] led lights will starting to blink alternately.

At this point, the cleaning procedure is being carried out by your printer before it begins the process of maintaining the ink-flow mechanism.

Wait for the process to finish and your printer will automatically stop making noises.

PIXMA G2010 Light Blank

Step 9;

Your printer has cleaned itself on automatically. Now; Press the “Power” button to switch-off the printer and please – waiting for a few second. Doing this will bring your printer out of the repair mode.

Canon G2010 Wait Process

Step 10;

This step; You can Press the “Power” button on your printer control panel to switch-on your printer devices.

Canon switch ON

Step 11;

Next; you will see a “Drop” sign on the printer display screen devices. The presence of this drop indicator indicates that your printer is experiencing an ink overflow issue.

The number “0” signifies that the printer has zero documents on the print queue.


Step 12;

Press the “Black” button near the Starting to give the print command to your printer devices.

Canon button print black

Step 13;

“Green” led of Power button will start to blink. Once again, your printer is cleaning itself so that it can start printing. This step is necessary before printing can begin. Wait for the process to complete.

Canon PIXMA G2010 green light

Step 14;

When the Green led stop blinking, you will see that display screen is show “1” number, which is a sign that your printer has one print in the queue. Now, press the “Color” button near starting to print a pages file document.

Canon display screen

Step 15;

If your Canon printer print the page normally, then the error P07 has been fix. Now; if the printer prints a “Blank” pages, don’t worry and please follow the steps given below.

You can “Switch-off” the printer by pressing the “Power” button on the control panel.

Canon printer Switch off

Step 16;

Next; Please – Switch-on the printer by pressing the “Power” button.

PIXMA G2010 Switch on

Step 17;

After printer restart, you can press the “Test page” button, then the “Black” button to give the print command.

Canon Test page


Your printer will print the test pages document, which is a sign that your printer has started work normally.

After completing the steps necessary to resolve the Canon PIXMA G2010 problem P07, your printer should now be able to print, scan, and copy documents and files as it did before.

Because our walkthrough is so straightforward and quick to implement, even a user with no prior experience should have no trouble correcting this problem on their Canon printer.

However, since some of the procedures are repeating, you will need to exercise caution when carrying them out in order to ensure that the sequence of the stages is not disrupted and that the desired outcomes are achieved.

These are the solutions that will helping you to troubleshoot the error code P07 in Canon PIXMA G2010 printer devices. You can also take the help of Canon printer support team members.

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