How To Connect Canon TS3122 Printer To WiFi

Canon PIXMA TS3122 Inkjet printer has become the leading options of almost people, this printer excellent precision and top-notch print best quality.

Your needs for wireless printing at home and in the office may be met by using printers like these Canon PIXMA TS3122. They are suitable for both settings. You may also print your documents via a wireless connection from a desktop computer, a laptop computer, an iPhone, an iPad, or any other smart device that you own and have access to.

When trying to connect their printer Canon Pixma TS3122 to their wifi network, however, a lot of people could find that they run into some unanticipated difficulties. This issue has no discernible root cause, and it may manifest oneself in anybody, at any time, at any location.

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Usually, you need first to set up a wireless connections to connect it to wifi or enjoy wireless printing. But how to set up the printer wirelessly?

How To Connect Canon TS3122 Printer To WiFi
This method will discuss how to connecting the Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer to wifi?

Paper using compatible; with Canon PIXMA TS3122, you can effortlessly printing on almost every kind of pages, include: [Photo paper, Plain paper, High-resolution papers, Glossy paper].

[Step by step]

Benefits features of Ij Start Canon PIXMA TS3122 Printer, We already know millions around the world adore Canon PIXMA TS3122.
Connect Canon PIXMA TS3122

Step 1:

In the first step to connecting Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer to wifi network, you must make sure that your printer is connected to the power source and is switched on.

The green light right beside the power button will light up when the printer is turned “on“.

Connect Canon TS3122

Step 2:

Please; check the printer, in case the power light starts flashing, then you must press the stop button.

Next; press and keep on holding the network button on your printing machine until the wireless icon starting flash.

Connect Canon TS3122 Printer

Step 3:

Now; to connecting Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer to WiFi, on your wireless router you will see a blue colour button.

That button is the “WPS” button. Press that button.

You must do it within a period of two minute of activated WPS on Canon PIXMA TS3122 Printer.

Connect Canon TS3122 Printer To WiFi

Step 4:

When the wireless icon and signal bars on the display screen of the printer show up together at the same, then your printer will get connecting to the Wifi router devices.

Step 5:
After install and for installation of the drivers, insert the CD that came together with the Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer in your PC/computer devices.

Step 6:
Please; click on the links like Read online manual, settings, frequently ask questions for download the drivers for your printer.

Step 7:
Now; open the files that you files download on your PC/computer, and click on start setup.

The installation driver will try to retrieve detail about the latest software and driver updates. This is going to take some time. Now, choose your place of residence and then click on next.

Step 8:
Now; Click yes for continuing the process of installating.

Step 9:
Now, to connecting Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer to wifi networking.

Step 10:
In case you have installing security drivers on your screen PC/computer, then you will see a screen where deactivate the block choose will appear. Now;tick mark that option and then click on “next“.

Canon connections wifi

Step 11:

Now to connecting printer Canon PIXMA TS3122 to wifi network, check the connections guide screen will be display in front of you. Click on yes to continue with the wireless setup.

Canon WiFi

Step 12:
After that, the drivers will be installing.

The print head alignment screen will appear in front of you. Please; load plain paper in the printer devices.

Select and click on printhead alignment and then click on start. Carefully follow the instruction on the screen.

Canon connecting Print

Step 13:
After the printhead alignment is completed, and Now; click on Next.

Step 14:
After that to connecting printer Canon PIXMA TS3122 to wifi networking, the test print windows will appear in front of you. If you wish to take a test printing, then click start.

Step 15:
Once you are done with test files printing, click on next. You can also have a options to skip test printing just by clicking on the option of next. Then, the printer will get connected to the computer system.

Canon PIXMA TS3122

This is the default printer devices, so you need to ensure that the set in the default printer is check.

Now; the software will be installing.

Please: click on next. Now, a number of applications will be display in front of you, click next.

Canon setup wifi

Step 16:
Now to connecting printer Canon PIXMA TS3122 to wifi network, the software will be installing.

After that, a screen will show up that will give you guide regarding how to setup a mobile devices such as a android, table and smartphone. Click next.

Canon PIXMA TS setup

Step 17:
After that, you will be ask to register your product. If you decide to register on the spot, then a new window is go to open up.

Now, your Canon TS3122 Printer is connecting to wifi networking.

How to Setup My Canon PIXMA TS3122 Wireless Via WPS Button?

Apart from wifi, you can also connecting your ij start models Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer to a devices through the WPS button. The printer TS3122 series setup process is easy and fast to perform.

Step 1:
Beginning step, make sure the Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer is “on”.

Step 2:
Please; you will see a green light blinking on the top of your printer devices. Select press the [stop] button on your devices.

Once the light become stable, you can do press the network button on the printer.

Step 4:
Now, usually, a wireless icon appears on the printer display screen.

Step 5:
Once the icon’s is there, go to your wireless router and press the WPS button on its top.

Step 6:
You have to press and hold the button for around 5 second.

Step 7:
After a few moments, the WPS button on the wireless router will start blinking light.

Step 8:
Now; Back to your ij start canon printer and see if the wireless icon’s is on its screen display. It is the confirmation of its connecting to the wifi network.

Step 9:
Next, the following step for install the files driver on the computer are typically the same as already mentioned earlier.

All in all, this entire process of the wireless Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer setup takes some moments. But it conveniently connect your ij start canon printer to wifi.

How to Settings WiFi connections Canon PIXMA TS3122 on Mac Operating System?

First step for connecting ij start Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer to wifi on macOS are similar to those on Windows operating system.

Follow the steps by step mentioned below to finishing connect the canon printer to wifi:

Step 1:
You will see various warning messages on the screen while installing Canon PIXMA TS3122 drivers on Mac operating system. Note, you must ignore each one of them. Please tap on “Agree and Download” to move ahead.

Step 2:
When the download finishing, Please; open and run the file on Mac to start’s the installation process.

Step 3:
Here, you will need to enter the password of your canon printer.

Step 4:
After inserting the password, click on “Start helper” and wait for few moments for the installation finishing.

Step 5:
After install, a window will pop up on the screen containing “terms and conditions.” Make sure you read them all and then click on “agree” to continue.

Step 6:
Now, search for your wireless network and enter the password.

Step 7:
Last; tap on the “next” and let the setup end.

Now, Printer Canon PIXMA TS3122 wireless setup on your Mac is successfully finished. Now, you can using the printer to fulfill your quality printing needs with a wireless network connections.

How to connecting WiFi networking My iPhone in Canon PIXMA TS3122?

Similar to Microsoft Windows and mac operating system, connecting Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer to wifi on iPhone is easly.

Following steps by step to start printing through a Canon PIXMA TS3122 wireless setup on Mac;

Step 1:
Please; Power on the printer and connect it to LAN.

Step 2:
Now, tap on the software of Canon.

Step 3:
Next, tap on the “Operation” icons. It will help display the menu options.

Step 4:
Then, tap on “print” from the display menu.

Step 5:
Here, you will see “Printer options.” Make sure to choose your “printer.”

In addition, you can easy change the printer settings from “printer options.”

Step 6:
You can choose usual things, including the number of copies, range, etc.

Step 7:
Finish, click on “print” once again, and the printer will start printing according to the settings and commands.

The printing process can be made easier and more enjoyable for users such as yourself thanks to innovative technologies such as those found in printers such as the Canon PIXMA TS3122.

Because of this, you will be able to take advantage of high-quality printing options at both your home and your place of business. To begin, you will need to install the software for the PIXMA TS3122 following the steps that are specified.

There are two ways you can connect your Canon printer to a wifi connections: Direct method and the WPS button on your router.

If you are a new user, you must read the instructions manual that comes with these devices.

In addition, you can also follow the method provided above to enabling printer Canon PIXMA TS3122 setup and connecting it to wifi on a windows computer or Mac.

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