How To Connect Canon PIXMA TS3322 Printer To Wifi

Canon PIXMA TS3322 inkjet all-in-one printer, setting up the wireless connection is a breeze thanks to Canon Wireless Connect. With only two FINE Hybrid ink cartridges, you’ll be able to print crisp black text and file documents, as well as brilliant 5″ x 7″ borderless photographs, in no time at all.

The Canon PIXMA TS3322 Wireless Connect offers a straightforward configuration procedure that can be completed in a matter of minutes using your mobile device.

You may speed up the process of setting up your brand-new printer by connecting it to your smartphone. There is no need for a computer!

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Canon WiFi Printer

Although there are certain printers now that can print images and documents straight from memory cards, the vast majority of printers need that they be linked to a computer in order to perform their intended purpose.

Connecting a printer to a computer or network location is often accomplished via the use of a USB connection. However, certain printers include wireless connectivity, which enables them to print not just from PCs but also from other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Easy Wireless Printing

Wireless printers, which are often referred to as Wi-Fi printers, are an excellent choice for your hectic lifestyle since they come with a wide range of features that are both helpful and handy.

Wi-Fi Connectivity is Available

Find out how to connect your wireless printer to your network or smart device so that you may print remotely without the need of cords from anywhere in your house or workplace.

How To Connect Canon PIXMA TS3322 Printer To Wifi

Creating a connection between your smart device or network and your wireless printer is a simple process. Check out our straightforward how-to guide to learn how to get started right now.

In this article, we’ll cover how to set up your Canon PIXMA TS3322 printer on a wireless network using the Easy Wireless Connect method on a Windows operating system computer.

In this piece, we’ll walk you through the process of installing your Canon PIXMA TS3322 printer into a wireless network making use of the Easy Wireless Connect technique on a computer running the Windows operating system.

Get started!

1; Before connecting your printer to the network, confirm that your wireless router is available and properly set up. Confirm that your computer is connected to the network.

Canon Wireless Printer


2; make sure your printer is plugged in and turned on. The green light next to the power button will be lit when the printer is on.

Canon Turn On Button

3; Please; check your printer. If the power light is flashing, press the Stop button.

Stop FlashLight Canon Printer

4; Next – you can press and hold the Direct button until the icon starts to flash.

Canon PIXMA TS Direct Button

5; The printer will enter easy Wireless Connect Mode.


Canon PIXMA TS Wi-Fi Mode

6; Download


7; Click on setup start here it says and it takes us to this page where we need to go ahead.

IJ.Start.Canon Setup

8; Selected type in the printer model number in our case it’s the Canon PIXMA TS3322 and click on go and once done it takes us to the TS3322.



9; Setup page and we can go ahead and click on start and we get this page one preparing the printer.

Ij Start Canon

10; You can watch some detailed videos if you choose to and i’m going to go ahead and skip right on through these again if you want to watch them that’s up to you.

Prepare Canon

11; Once you skip all those i’m clicking on connect and it says connecting to a computer and right here.

12; You must set up your printer to work with this computer.

13; Download and run the software to start setup, Selected “download”.

Download IJ Start Canon


If you want to connect to your smartphone instead you can click on download and that will download the driver software to my computer here and once done i’ll click on the .exe file which will cause this prompt to open up and it says acquiring information on the latest driver and software downloading files.

14; Once that’s completed you’ll be prompted with a license agreement and you’re welcome to read through this and then once you have go ahead and click on yes.

15; Next window here also go ahead and click on agree and then processing please wait momentarily.

16; Checking the printer status to see if the printer is ready to be connected either via wi-fi or via a usb cable and this next window is actually when it gives you the opportunity to select between which one you want either wi-fi connection or usb.




17; In this case we’re going to connect it to the wi-fi, because we’re going to be using this printer as a wireless printer and that’s what we’re going to do here so let’s click on next.


Canon WiFi Connection


18; Then it’ll go and check power check that the printers turn on so basically i have to go there make sure the printer is power door.



19; I have done that and then it’s doing a printer detection searching for the printer on my network here and this can take a good couple of second to a good.



20; You can wait couple of minutes on some networks so keep that in mind and once it detects the printer.

21; It’s a wireless printer do you want to connect it up as a wireless connection and the answer is absolutely yes and i want to go ahead.


Canon Wireless


22; Next; connect in my primary router on my network so i’m going to say yes to that and then it prompts me for my wi-fi password and i’m going to go ahead and type that in and once i do that i’ll click on next.



23; Then it says setting up network connection is temporarily disabled during setup this may take a few minutes please wait momentarily.

Canon Setting up network


24; You can see the wi-fi icon disappeared and it is disconnected so yeah it definitely disconnected me from my network.

Wi-Fi Icon


25; Once it has finish, setup here it’ll reconnect me to my wi-fi network once again as you can see and then gives me this next window connection completed and i’ll click on next.

Canon connection completed


26; Then it starts downloading and installing mp drivers to this computer or laptop that i’m using and once that’s completed.

Installing MP drivers


28; Once that’s completed in about approximately three minutes i get this the printer is being registered to your computer prompt.

Canon install processing

This can take some time and truthfully it took almost a minute on my network.

I have a relatively fast network so keep that in mind it could take even longer on yours, don’t know why but in any case be aware of that be patient it will completed.

Once it’s done i can go ahead and click on test print and it tells me data has been sent to check if the printer is operating correctly.

Canon installing completed


So let’s go over to the printer, and see if it’s printing okay that went very well it printed okay and it was quick.

We’re back on the laptop computer here and i click on next and click on continue online and then tells me some information getting the most out of your printer.

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