How to Connect Canon PIXMA MG3600 to Wi-Fi

Imagine being able to print from numerous devices, such as smartphones and tablets, simultaneously. And how do I connect my Canon Pixma printer to Wi-Fi networking? Connecting a wireless printer, well, not always as easy. Even when everything goes smoothly, it’s still more complicated than plugging in a cable device.

without the need to individually connect each one to a tangle of connections. It’s rather convenient, isn’t it? You can perform all of those things and more if you have a Canon PIXMA wireless printer series; the only exception is if you are having problems connecting to Wi-Fi networking and moving your device from one room to another.

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How to Connect Canon PIXMA MG3600 to WiFi
Canon PIXMA MG3600 Connect in Wifi Network

You may also print wirelessly from your iOS device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. We will take you through the process of adding your Canon PIXMA MG3600 series printer to your wireless network so that you may print images and document without having to deal with annoying cords.

Connect Canon PIXMA MG3600 to WiFi
Why Is My Canon PIXMA MG3600 series printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi Network?

  1. First; When the Wi-Fi lamp is off, your wireless LAN is shut down as well.
  2. Using the ON lamp illuminates the Wi-Fi button when it should be release.
  3. To use Wi-Fi, hold down the Color, Black, and then Wi-Fi buttons simultaneously.
  4. After you switch the ON lamp from flashing to lighting, and then the wireless LAN is enabled, the Wi-Fi lamp lights up.

Connect to my computerHow Do I Connecting My Canon PIXMA MG3600 To My Computer devices?

Follow this steps;

  1. Select [Start Setup].
  2. You can Select [Next].
  3. Please confirm that you are satisfied with the License Agreement after reading it.
  4. You can “Click Agree” or “Do not agree” in the extended survey after you have select it.
  5. After all setup programs have been install, wait until the process is completed.
  6. Now; Select [Next].

You can connect to the USB host by selecting the USB connection option and tap Next.

Connect New Wifi NetworkHow Do I Connecting My Canon PIXMA MG3600 Printer To A New Network Wi-Fi?

  1. First; Turn on the printer devices and make sure it is on.
  2. Once the Wi-Fi lamp flashes, press and hold the on button.
  3. The color of your image will appear when you press the Color button.
  4. Once you’ve turned on Wi-Fi, you can hit the Wi-Fi button again.
  5. Next; Touch the colour and black buttons at the same time to enable wireless connection.

Why Is My Canon PIXMA Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

There may be multiple reasons why an Canon PIXMA printer does not connected to the Internet network.


  1. Try updating the printer driver in order to resolve this problem.
  2. Investigating the root cause of the problem can be done, either by uninstalling and reinstalling the printers and drivers, or by identifying network or system problem.

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