How To Connect Canon G3010 Printer to Wifi

You will perform network WiFi settings for the Canon PIXMA G3010 printer. We will explain how to connected my Canon PIXMA G3010 printer to WiFi networking.

To connecting your device to the Printer, you will first need to enable wireless communication between your devices and the Printer.

Canon PIXMA G3010 Inkjet Printer WiFi setup

Step I (Activated)

1. Using the “Setting” screen to enable “Wi-Fi”.
2. To represent last six digits of the MAC address of the printer, select “XXXXXX -G3010 series”.
3. During devices operation, it will display screen the Device History (if your device has one).
4. Wireless connection (connecting devices via a wireless router).
5. Direct wireless connection (connecting devices using Wireless Direct)

This section includes information about Wireless Direct, a feature that allows you to print by connecting your devices directly to the printer rather than using a wireless network in between them.

Please: Use the password you entered on your device. Then open the printer.

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How To Connect Canon G3010 Printer to Wifi

How do I connect my Canon printer to WiFi network?

It won’t be difficult for you to connect your Canon wireless printer to your home network if you already have a wireless access point or router that supports WPS.

  • Tap “Wi-Fi“.
  • Tap “Settings“.
  • Tap “Wi-Fi setup“.

You should get assistance from a Push button method (WPS). On the wireless network, press and hold WPS until the button appears.

2 minutes after touching OK on your printer, tap “OK”.

Why Canon PIXMA G3010 Can not Connecting To Wifi networking?

It is recommended that you double check to ensure that the wireless network and the printer network both have their settings configured appropriately.

In addition to the logo of the wireless router, these phrases are fairly like to the wireless router. (i.e., as a SSID, network key, etc. ) Make sure that the network settings on the printer can interact with the wireless router by configuring the settings on the printer.

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How Do I Connecting My Canon Printer To A New Wifi Network?

  1. Making the printer go from “ON” to “OFF” beginning with pressing the power button on it.
  2. Please, Click the button on the printer “Home” screen, then hold it up for a few seconds.
  3. Once you have selected “LAN Wireless setup”, click the “OK” button.
  4. You can use your wireless network to connect to Canon from your router.

How Do I Link My Canon Printer To My Wifi?

  1. When the alarm clock comes on, press & hold the [Wi-Fi] button on the top of the printer until it flashes white.
  2. A blue lamp should flicker to the right of this button within two minutes. And now you will need to press the [WPS] button within two minute of entering your access point. Simple and easly.

Canon G3010 Wifi?

Direct wireless connecting with the touch of a finger.

How Do I Reset My Canon PIXMA G3010 Wifi?

In order to turn off “13” on the LCD by pressing +1, follow by pressing the Black or Color buttons. It is assumed that the network settings have already been initialized.

How Do I Connect My Canon G3010 To Wifi?

  1. You can enabling wireless communication in your devices by click on the “setting” icon.
  2. If the device displays the text (XXXXXX) representing last six digits of a printer’s MAC address, click on “XXXXXX-G3010 series”.
  3. The printer needs to be connecting for this process. Enter a password.

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Connecting Wirelessly?

You are needed to turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source since there has been no change to your wireless network (router, new password for your router, etc.).

This is because there has been no modification made to your wireless network. After removing your wireless router from the room for a minute and a half, you should then reconnect it to the power source.

Before continuing with the reading, make sure that the printer has been turned off, unplugged, and then reconnected before continuing. This should be done in the event that it has not been entirely started. Printing may be slow. You may continue printing by clicking here, which will take you back to where you left off.

How Do I Get My Printer To Recognize My New Router?

Step I: A wireless router that is compatible with the printer needs to be located near it.

Step II: In order to use wps connections mode, put the printer in the printer in WPS connection mode.

Step III: Until the connection process has been started, hold the WPS button on the router for two minutes.

How Do I Reset The Wifi On My Canon Printer?

  1. When the printer opening, please – press the “Menu” button.
  2. To open Device Settings, click on the arrow and follow the screen instructions.
  3. You must click “OK” on the “LAN Setting” pages after you use the arrows.
  4. On the keyboard, click “OK” to reset the LAN settings.
  5. Simply select “Yes” and click “OK”.

This process takes time for the printer to do its job.

How Do I Connecting My Printer To A New Wireless Network?

Do I need a password in order to print out inew from my phone to a wireless printer?

To enable printing through the default print service on your Android devices:


Go to Settings > Connected Devices > Settings > Printing > Printing Service with a third-party app.

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