How To Change Ink Cartridge Canon PIXMA TR4500

Canon PIXMA TR4500 series inkjet multifunction printer, The office printer is competitive with larger models despite its small size. Despite its compact footprint, the PIXMA TR4500 is capable of providing easy, effective office printing.

You can print from your Android handset with no effort thanks to the Mopria Print Service. You can use Wi-Fi to print from almost anywhere in the home.

Whether you’re scanning a document, copying an ID, faxing an invoice, or printing posters, the Canon PIXMA TR4500 provides the features you need.

This front-loading 4-In-One printer, which is equipped with smart Wi-Fi networking to optimize function and feature management, is the compact solution that saves space, streamlines ink use, and prioritizes productivity.

How To Change Ink Cartridge Canon PIXMA TR4520Ink Cartridge

The Canon PIXMA TR4500 printer came with a black ;PG-545 and a colour ;CL-546 ink cartridge. The print quality is decent and the machine can print double slided.

If you need to use the manual scanner, the hinges on the lid raise up slightly to allow room for a thin book to be copy.

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Guide Change Ink

How to change the ink cartridge in a Canon PIXMA TR4500 printer. You can do it easily and simply.

We will provide a tutorial on how to change the Canon PIXMA TR4500 ink cartridge. Follow this guide;

1; Swicth the printer “ON”


Change Ink Cartridge Canon PIXMA TR4550


2; Please; Open the printer Cover

Change Ink Cartridge Canon PIXMA TR4550

3; The catridge will move to the middle


4; Push down in the catridge to release it



5; Then, slide the empty catridge out



6; Slide the new catridge in



7; Push Up until it clicks in to place


Push Up until it clicks

8; Next; close the printer cover



Here you will get the latest Canon PIXMA TR4500 series printer drivers or software that support microsoft windows and macOS.

Driver installation via .exe windows or .dmg mac files with printer driver.exe file for Canon PIXMA TR4520 printer driver.EXE

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Auto Document Feeder

The auto document feeder can only scan single sides and stores around 20 sheets of paper, thus copying two sided documents looks to be difficult.

However, it appears to copy a single-sided document with easily, producing a replicated page every 10 seconds or so. Rather of a quick shock, the auto document feeder draws the paper in gently.

Reset the ink levels on the cartridge

The printer is unable to determine how much ink remains in the cartridge. The ink level information is stored in the copper contacts on the cartridge’s exterior.

The ink levels cannot be restored to full. When you replenish a cartridge, the printer always displays an empty cartridge indication.

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