Connecting Wifi for Canon Pixma TR4522 (Step by step)

Connecting Wifi for Canon Pixma TR4522

Canon pixma all in one inkjet TR4522 is without a doubt one of the best devices manufactured by this brand (developer by canon).

This wireless printer enables a user to printing photo, sheets, or file document through Wi-Fi connections.

You can do print wirelessly once you are done with the setup. You can easy carry out all the printing jobs like fax, scan, and printing.

Connecting Wifi for Printer Canon Pixma TR4522 (Step by step)

Did you use printer inkjet canon pixma TR4522 but you don’t know how to set it up?

If yes, then you have coming to the right place as here you will get to know how to set up your Canon printer.

Follow we with the steps to connect your canon inkjet pixma printer to your microsoft windows or macOS computer.

How to connect canon pixma TR4522 to WiFi network

You can easily connecting your printing to the Wi-Fi either by using software or not using the software.

Microsoft windows operating system instructions ∇

Below are the easly step that you need to carry out in order to connect your canon inkjet printer to a microsoft windows computer.

Step one
Please ensure that your printing machine device is connecting to the power source.

Step two
Open to the menu and then select the option of “Wireless set up”. Then, you must select “Ok.”

Step three
Please, go to the setup menu and then select the WPS option and then click on “Ok”.

Step four
Start looking for the “WPS button” on your wireless router. Now, press the button and then hold it for a while.

Step five
Please select the “Ok” button on your printer machine devices.

Step six
Now, select “Ok” once again appearing on your printer screen.

Step seven
Please click on the button “Copy” to move ahead with the process.

Step eight
Then, launch the “Driver installation wizard” and then perform the installation process.

Mac operating system procedure ∇

Carry out the step given below in order to connecting your printer canon to mac used.

Step one
Please open to the menu and then select the button of wireless connecting. Hold the button for some time.

Step two
Now, the printer screen will open up before you. Carry out the instruction appearing n the screen before you.

Step three
After that, downloaded the settings file by going to the main website of canon.

Step four
Then, carry out the command appearing on the screen and complete the setup procedure.

Either of these methods will helping you connections your printer machine to the wireless networking. If you wish for your setup process to be hassle-free and simple, then you must use the Easy Wi-Fi connect method.

You are required to give the details of your router on your mac operating system or PC to connect to the printer.

Another way to connect to the wireless network is to use the wireless connection setting.